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Testimonials Sacred Ritual of Touch


" the massage I received was a positive experience, I felt serene, I was in a state of meditation and love in which I no longer thought if a man or a woman was massaging me, it was not important or necessary to establish from where energy came, but only to feel (and feel myself) pure and unconditional love coming.

Namaste. "



March 20, 2009


"I'm still deep inside of me. Yes, I'm still in that space.

Being one with oneself, and in the present, and in one's body, and above all allowing oneself a total abandonment: incredible! "


Daniela Thomas

December 18, 2009



"An experience of ecstatic expansion .... like a stone thrown into a lake that becomes the circles that slowly follow one another until infinity ..."

Marzia Pinelli

6 September 2010



"Namaste Ananta, I'll try to describe my feelings after the massage ... meanwhile, a deeper awareness of my being a woman and then, coming out of the office and walking alone with the rose between my fingers, I felt less clumsy and lighter, almost floating among the things of the world, full of positive energy and a sunny well-being. Even today I feel these emotions and also a strange sensation accompanies me ... something that fills my heart, throat and temples and that would like to explode, manifest itself in a my gesture or choice or I don't know what, I just know that I feel pushed to rise and change! Thank you very much for your tender and elegant welcome, I never imagined being able to receive such an experience so positively and with extreme freedom! "  



December 8, 2011

"I really felt like a Goddess, thanks Ananta! The attention, the slowness, the respect, the sweetness have caressed, pampered, exalted my body and my spirit. The extraordinary delicacy with which you lift, move, accompany every part of the body it is not common, the repetition of the same movement is penetrating as well as the bija and in particular the AUM: I have always been very sensitive to the depth with which you pronounce it, I feel it vibrate inside me and it guides me. The powerful Kundalini energy it was incredibly intense, I felt it starting from below, going up along my spine to my temples and spreading. I felt tingling in my face, in my lips, it was as if my body had become the bed of a river in At first I was suspended by the novelty of what I was feeling and I sought your support, squeezing your hand tightly, to let the passage free. The rose petals then, feeling the freshness on me, and final homage of the rose on the pillow… as a tantric man you have an extraordinary ability and sensitivity. Namaste! "



6 July 2012



"Like a cat when it is stroked.

This is how it should be when receiving the Sacred Touch.  Like a cat that, without fear, softly gives in to caresses, trusting, abandoning itself to the touch of love. Without thinking. Without wondering what will happen now. Without waiting for what will happen next. Only the ecstasy of the moment, which filters through half-closed eyes ...

At first I wanted to know. With your soft kindness you pointed out that knowing is not important: just live.  

The fact is that it is not easy to live moment by moment, it is not easy to let go of the mind and its background noise to let the silent but vibrant voice of the body emerge.

Maybe because, in my case, I mistreated this body a little: maybe because I didn't love it enough. I didn't love Me enough. But feeling this LOVE pass from your hands, warm with a warmth already known, to my skin was enough to open a new world.  

A world in which every square centimeter of my body was beautiful and adored and I perceived it distinctly in its particularity but at the same time as united with everything else.

I felt truly Complete, One, Alive.  

Unique and perfect.

I melted into a sea and this sea was me. Fluid, light, warm and cool, calm and rippled, trembling at times. Surface and abyss. And this sea was you too, and a circular wave united us.

Every woman has the right to be touched like this. To rebel when the hands of a man do not carry with them this infinite respect, this decisive delicacy that sometimes seems  almost molding body and soul until we recognize ourselves in the Goddess who is in us. Until we reach the awareness of what we really are. How we want to live. How we should never be satisfied with what doesn't make us feel good.

I will not be satisfied anymore. Thanks, Ananta! "


July 28, 2012



"Here we are back in Rome ... after the Touch we felt very aligned. The breathing techniques help to mark a common rhythm even during intercourse and this is good! Thanks and see you soon."


Chiara and Luca

December 3, 2012



"Your apparently reserved and shady character melts and shapes itself when you work with your body, through which you really transmit a great energy, a serene energy however, without jolts, without ups and downs, a very well tuned instrument, a ' wonderful wave of joy and love that made me reconcile with the male world ... thanks for not having revealed anything to me with my mind, but for having sent me only sublime emotions with touch. Namaste! "



April 28, 2014



“The sacred touch gives relaxation and liberation of the senses, one feels protected and pampered. Every inch of my body felt like it was intimate with yours, hard to describe! I want to try again the naturalness and care of your massage and let me go completely "


April 6, 2015


"It is really difficult to put into words the experience lived during the Sacred Touch of Tantra. First of all I have to thank Ananta Deva for the availability and kindness with which she welcomed me, listened to and put me at ease. After almost a year of medicinal treatments I and my body we were no longer in tune and thanks to my research on the internet I found this site that struck me among all for its great reliability. The experience of the Sacred Touch today has released my energy that I thought I had completely lost . I felt it emanating from below and rising through my body to my heart and then it continued beyond. I felt not just a man but something that is part of the cosmos, I felt the divine energy. I can only say THANK YOU to Ananta for helping me discover and free my soul. "


January 29, 2016

  "The initial tension dissolved at the first contact: feeling the intense and soft warmth of four hands working in unison is simply wonderful! Indeed, the hands don't work ... they caress you, they warm you, they pamper you, they love you. .. at times they seem like a thousand, at times none, at times a hundred thousand, only to become one ... yourself !!! Thanks to Ananta and Shalini, from the heart. "

Joseph S.

21 July 2016

"Taken by the hectic pace of every day, I decide to dedicate some time to myself. I found a warm and welcoming place. During the delicate touch of this treatment, I was able to let go of my daily worries and it was as if I felt protected, pampered, understood and loved. Thanks Shalini! "



November 29, 2016

"The experience of the Sacred Touch with 4 hands, at the end of the Sicilian tantric holiday, could not have been better. It was very strong; the pressure on the heart chakra and at the same time on the navel area remained impressed on me. moved so many emotions. I remember with pleasure Shalini holding my hand, at least I think it was her. I felt welcomed. Om shanti. "



23 July 2018

"The vibrations of those moments and the depth of your eyes in which I got lost return to me ... every time I think of the Sacred Touch you gave me, warm tears run down my face. You have been able to give me your time, the your love, your spirit ... we have met a few times in life but from you I have received a depth that I have never had from other people dear to me.

I suffer from loneliness and you have given me a moment of true and authentic presence.

I suffer in living in superficiality and you have been able to give me all the depth of your soul.

Thanks Shalini! Namastè! "



23 August 2018

"Hi Shalini, I try to describe the experience.

Quite by chance I heard about tantra massage from a colleague and intrigued I did a search on the internet. Your site convinced me, so I decided to try the sacred touch and agreed to meet after a few days.

You welcome me politely and inform me that the massage will last a couple of hours, I think a long time; You explain to me some fundamentals and how to breathe, I listen to you curiously, trying to hide my shy embarrassment, which disappears as soon as the massage begins: your gentle, delicate and enveloping movements give me emotions. I relax, albeit with discontinuity, because I think.

The massage is over. It was nice.

I walk happy and in peace, I have the same state of mind that I have when at anchor with my boat, admiring the sunrise, I feel free and at peace. Several times I think about the emotions I felt, I try to keep them as long as possible: I decide to come back and experience more conscious experience.

In the last meeting I am more relaxed, it is different, as I am different, my privacy vanishes, I trust, I connect with you or maybe you connect with me, even before the massage begins.

I'm on my stomach.

I receive your sweet caresses and the emotions I feel are more intense, you take me to new places never visited, I lose myself in the delicacy of your sensual touch, in the intense vibrations generated by your concentric movements, in your embrace.

I turn on my stomach.

I no longer wonder what will happen. I don't think anymore, there is only the warmth of the caresses, the sensuality of the movements, the ecstasy, the peace, the trust. Love is absolute master, it fills me like the water of a sudden autumn storm after filling the creeks, it flows into the dry stream bed to run downstream. I would like to hug you to thank you.

The massage ends, too short, the time dimension has contracted, I think the meeting lasted a few minutes, I look at the clock, it doesn't.

I think that the sacred touch should only be experienced, each meeting is different, how different the next ones will be, I want to leave the tiller, trusting and entrusting myself, I just want to do it and deepen the experience.

Thank you."


January 14, 2019

"The massage was so sensual and intense that I lived every moment well. I felt full of energy and at the same time I experienced that condition of passivity that does not belong to me. I can also admit that I felt loved. Thanks Shalini. "



02 December 2019

" I enjoyed the massage as a very relaxing experience, I felt loved.

I felt a strong inner charge that I cannot define, above all I felt pervaded by a very strong 'erotic' charge, allow me the term without malice. It was a moment of intimacy and  of truly sensational peace which I wish to repeat as soon as possible! "


June 25, 2020

"I wanted to thank you for the beautiful and magical 4 hands treatment you gave me, a fantastic experience, I must say unexpected, in the end I was as if inundated by a deep feeling of well-being, thank you very much🙏  . "



23 July 2020

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience you made me live, the border between body and mind completely  canceled, only pure energy free to express itself.  Thanks, Ananta! "



February 9, 2021

"Receiving your 4-hand massage was very nice, I felt pampered. In these days I am feeling very good, serene, happy full of positive energy, a part of me that I can now feel alive has awakened. making love with my husband was fantastic. It would be nice to embark on a journey with him. "


June 22, 2021

"I contacted Ananta after finding the TantraPalermo website while on holiday and his communication was great and easy to set up. Also his English is perfect.

I arrived for the session and was made to feel at ease, and the environment was warm, relaxing with amazing sounds and smells.

As we started, I started to relax more and more. The different touches and strokes drew me into a fully almost hypnotic state. As the touches moved around my body to different parts it became even more intense and like nirvana! It was like electricity was radiating throughout my body and I lost all track of time and thought, just being in the moment. I couldn't believe the time had passed. Towards the end I could just feel the energy and felt complete peace. It was fantastic- no real words to describe it, and for it being my first time I will repeat again definitely! "


26  November 2021

Yoni Healing testimonials


I still remember my very first meeting on Tantra, already there I heard the sound of the bija mantras pronounced in a meditation session and I was deeply fascinated and struck by how I felt them vibrate inside me. Hence the curiosity to experience Para-Tan Sound Healing and Yoni Healing in its most extended form for us women. Thus I began to participate in the circles conducted by Ananta Deva; realizing that it must be something very special, the thought of feeling supported and accompanied by a group reassured me. And so it was. In the circles a very strong energy is created in union with what is happening inside you, your energy transmits to the circle, the circle transmits to your energy, it is an exchange of great intensity. I believe in the power of sound, which imprinted on the body is something extraordinary, I have lived it, I live it. It has become a practice that has become a part of my life. It was a crescendo: as the blocks were removed, the sound went deeper and deeper; it is incredible the memories that it manages to bring out bringing them to consciousness, you visualize them, you feel them with the load of emotions that they still arouse in you but you also feel them dissolve, lighten, transform. Sound penetrates and vibrates, amplifies and flows throughout the body not only where it is impressed, as if to rebalance, to stabilize all our centers. The sound "moves": it was the perfect environment in which the powerful Kundalini energy found expression and expansion in its various and unpredictable forms, from the softest to the most intense, precisely due to the presence of a conscious guide who knows how to listen and channeling and making people feel protected so that they can release everything that wants to come to light.  

I consider it  a powerful healing tool, but also a powerful tool to connect with yourself and work on your energy… fear, pain, anger, love… yes, because it is also an exchange of love, on a very subtle, energetic level. All you have to do is "don't do" ... open up, abandon yourself, trust.

Thank you Ananta Deva for giving me the strength of this practice in which you yourself believe and which you carry on with loving dedication, becoming  channel of everything that happens with great firmness and respect.

Thank you for accompanying me on my path through sound healing towards an ever greater knowledge and awareness of my feelings.


Testimonials Tantra Yoga

"Immediately after the first five minutes that I start my practice of Tantra Yoga, my body becomes totally vehicle of the awareness of my feeling.
In that intimate contact and closeness with my inner world, where barriers, time and space do not exist, my heart opens up like the petals of a flower.
A wave of compassion overwhelms me, squeezes the tears in my throat. It rises, it comes from the deepest well in me, but also from a remote place in the cosmos, that love of which I have not been an instrument. Which was buried, dormant, under the structures of illusions.
That pure source makes me feel the same as all other living beings.
In the silence of the warm breath that unites us all, a moment occurs to me, in which I have not drawn from this dark and precious well. Then with all my being I draw within, from the source of consciousness and towards in my present, in me and around me, this warm, vivifying and healing nectar which is being love.

Thanks Shalini Devi.

Namastè. "


Tantra Yoga Testimonials Online

"The work is always very intense, despite the new modality  apparently "cold" all your dedication reaches beyond the screen and I enter right into the work, the flow, the breath.

I feel parts of me that are awakening, it's beautiful!

For me it is a very intimate and meditative parenthesis. "


Testimonials Sacred Sexuality Paths

"The Tantric Female Sexuality path was a true and complete experience, despite in online mode due to the distance and the pandemic.
Personally, I am living a period in which I am focusing on myself, especially from the point of view of "being a woman". After a superficial acquaintance, but intrigued by reading some articles, I arrived at your school.
During these weeks I have been able to learn more about Tantra and together with you "redefine" my being a Woman and learn to look at me with a different eye, with lots of LOVE and RESPECT.
After a
  initial consultation, the personalized path for me has given me meditation techniques that help me a lot and that are now part of my "yoga-routine" at home. 
You were very professional, but at the same time welcoming and clear. I felt free to express myself and, even if online, you created an intimate and safe environment where I felt comfortable. Thanks Shalini. "



March 21, 2021

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