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Individual or group sessions for women only 
with the sacred sounds of Tantra

Para-Tan Yoni Healing is a particular Sound Healing technique which consists in pronouncing the "tantric syllables" or bijia mantra (Om, Aim, Shrim, Hrim, Krim, Klim, Sauh, Brim) directly on the body of the woman, lying down and covered with a cotton cloth. These ancient and powerful sacred sounds vibrate in tune with the different energy channels (nadis) and unblock the chakras, making them receptive. The sounds of Para-Tan penetrate the body on a cellular level reaching deep into the soul.

It is an effective and accessible tool for complete healing of the mind, body and spirit. It accesses the self-healing wisdom of one's body by awakening the primordial powers of the Divine Mother that reside in every Woman and allows one to experience a state of higher awareness about oneself and love.  

Para-Tan creates resonances that increase the frequency of the cells, removing the "memories" that can manifest themselves in the form of emotional and physical toxins. Removed the ancient cellular memories, the sounds of Para-Tan impregnate the cells restoring the body-mind-spirit balance with one's divine nature. This process of rediscovering the natural divine self-healing potential of the soul brings feelings of joy, freedom and bliss by triggering a process directed towards achieving a woman's excellent overall health.


As the divine seat of the power of the universe, the Yoni (female genitalia, uterus) is like an extremely receptive container that holds the thoughts and emotions we pour into it. Unfortunately in today's world both women and men have lost their understanding of the true power of women, the potency of the Yoni. The result is the numerous diseases affecting the female genital and reproductive system. When we do not honor the Woman, toxins are deposited in the Yoni poisoning her and depriving her of divine energy. Understanding the divine qualities and powers of the Yoni is the first step that women, above all, must take in order to recognize how the misogynistic conditioning of today's society has poisoned our thoughts and emotions so that we have not only forgotten our divine potential. , but we actively work against it.


Yoni Healing is ideal for women who have been sexually or emotionally abused. It helps women to "help themselves" to heal from past pain, erasing the emotional traumas that are deposited in cellular receptors as memory. When left untreated, these injuries often manifest in the body as diseases (breast and ovarian cancers, chronic fatigue, depression and menstrual disorders).


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Sri Ananta Deva received the teaching of Yoni Healing from the "father" of Para-Tan, Swami Shri Param Eswaran .

Women who want to experience Yoni Healing can book a private session or organize a group of at least 5 people.

For information and / or reservations send an email to


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