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Sacred female sexuality

Route for women only
conducted by Shalini Devi
"Your sexual essence is an elixir of life and the fountain of your youth and it is good to practice hard to protect it"

A path designed for women who want to rediscover their sexual wisdom, their divine essence and learn to live as Goddesses embodied on earth.   

Sexual energy is the most powerful form of energy we have: it is the vital element that allows us to reproduce for the perpetuation of the species, it is important for mental well-being, many find happiness in sexual activity, and, which is ignored by most of us, it is a source of spiritual elevation.

Through the Tantric and Taoist practices we will unify the physical, mental and spiritual aspects, moving sexual energy but through an alchemical work we will turn it inside, conveying it and transforming it into a potential to be converted into vital energy and spiritual energy, so to increase awareness of the infinite innate possibilities. And it is this awareness that spontaneously brings out experiences of the divine in us.

Women have the capacity for potentially inexhaustible sexual pleasure that proves to be an equally inexhaustible source of loving and healing energy, not just to love and heal themselves.  physically and psychologically, but to extend this healing and amatory quality to the various relationships and activities throughout one's existence.

The contemporary woman like SHAKTI must rediscover the values of her inner beauty, her power of transformation, her predisposition to change. Only by valuing her own nature, the woman will be able to fully regain her inner strength. You will learn to worship Shakti and to be worshiped as Shakti (which means worshiping the Yoni, the sacred female organ), you will discover the rituals of loving oneself by entering the eternal divine dance of Shiva / Shakti.


The purpose of Tantra is to open the doors of the heart,  Why  love is  universally the only way to maximum freedom.



The path, theoretical but above all practical, corporeal and at the same time spiritual, is structured in five meetings of at least a couple of hours each that develop through tantra yoga exercises, breathing, meditation, energy channeling, meditative sensuality practices. , sensitization of the body, discovery of the five senses, transformation and expansion of energy in the body:

  1. Tantric and Taoist principles for conscious sexuality

  2. Female reproductive system: the Yoni  

  3. Pelvic floor exercises

  4. Self Loving Ritual: making love to yourself

  5. The reflexology of the Yoni

  6. Yoni Eggs

  7. Knowing and worshiping the Lingam

  8. Female Orgasms: The woman is naturally multi-orgasmic

  9. The secrets of tantric alchemy to transmute sexual energy alone or in pairs

  10. Heterosexuality / homosexuality / bisexuality

  11. Sacred and Conscious Sexuality: Transforming Sex into Love

  12. Sacred Touch Ritual (woman-to-woman tantric massage) and / or Yoni Worship (Yoni worship) to enhance the energy of Shakti

The course is suitable for women of all ages, from adolescence to mature age, and of any sexual orientation. Since in Tantra you work with the energy of the moment and of the person, we invite you to  contact us and describe your needs, to establish together the most suitable path. Times, meetings and the program are customizable and everything will be organized in accordance with your times.

It is also possible to schedule an initial consultation of 45 minutes, which will be free if you decide to take the path.

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