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The Power of Shakti

Mini route for women and men
to discover feminine energy
conceived and conducted by Shalini Devi
"Energy is Shakti: the primal power of creation, the self-organizing, self-generating and self-renewing creative force of the universe in its feminine aspect. The term Shakti comes from the root sak which means" ability to do "or" have power. "Shakti it is the power, the force, the personification of primordial energy and the origin of divine and cosmic evolution, but it is also the origin and control of all the forces and potentialities of nature. The universe is an expression of the Shakti is an infinite reservoir of energy. "

The practice of relating to divinity belongs to many spiritual traditions. In the traditions of yoga, the Goddess is considered the personification of life-giving energy. For this, if we explore it, with a specific practice, this energy can open us to the inner source of our divine feminine power, the Shakti.


Reality, according to tradition, is the dance of Shakti, which takes shape in our body, in our thoughts, in our perceptions and also in the physical world, can take the form of divinity, that is, personifications of the energies that form the world and the our conscience.


Whether we believe in goddesses or not, contemplating them allows us to enter into intimacy with universal forces. At the same time, this practice can reveal how the forces that move our thoughts and emotions are not necessarily ours alone, but archetypal energies that we all share. Like any powerful symbolic form, Hindu deities represent, and can reveal, useful psychological forces, they are the personification of energies we feel. This understanding is the basis of the practice of meditation on divinity: it can untie psychological knots and call, in the mind or in the heart, specific forces of transformation. This is what can happen with the energy of the goddesses, the DASHA MAHAVIDYA of the Shaktas tradition.


Caged in specific roles (the good girl-the submissive wife-the devoted mother-the asexual saint, the witch-the prostitute-the hysteric-the grumpy) through this journey we can restart ourselves by listening to find out who we want to be or , if we already know, to make it happen and to make every single part emerge from the shadows and thus rediscover fullness. We are divine beings, nothing is closed to us!



The path can be individual or for a maximum of 2 people and is structured in 3 meetings of at least a couple of hours each in which we will get to know, invoke, evoke and relate to the energies of the goddesses through:

  • Mantra , to connect us with the sound vibrations of each specific divine energy

  • Yoga of the Goddesses , to feel the power of each goddess in the body with mudras and asanas

  • Meditation , to release these archetypal energies, stop identifying with our abilities, talents or gifts and open ourselves to the current of divine energy, the flow of life, always present in us.


The route is suitable for both men and women! Both can benefit from attuning to these vital forces. Seeking the inner goddess is not just for women, the goddess transcends gender!


For info on the Shakta Tradition and the Dasha Mahavidyas click here .

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