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Sacred sexuality for couples
path led by  Sri Ananta Deva and Shalini Devi

Tantra is a spiritual path to be integrated into daily life, it is the union of the Earth with Heaven in the concreteness of our body, it is a path that will allow you to transform every moment of the day into a wonderful opportunity to love, meditate, feel pleasure and harmony inner.

Well-being, satisfaction and peace pass through sensitivity and openness. The more sensitive we are, the more we can perceive the intrinsic harmony in ourselves and in others, in nature and in life; the more open we are, the more we can grasp the subtle balance that governs the cycles of us human beings and existence, and accept all the facets and richness that daily experience offers us.

When this state of mind, made up of presence and listening, becomes a way of being in the world, a fairly stable and continuous attitude, then we can enjoy gratitude for the abundance we share in our life, pleasure to experience every aspect of existence, of the magical and enchanted atmosphere in which the ever-present love and mystery bring us.



The paths of Tantra for couples serve precisely to guide in the development of this type of presence and listening in life. The techniques that are taught are simple and effective: they can be practiced by anyone and become part of everyday life, without sacrifices or discomfort of any kind, and also help to solve energy blocks or specific sexual problems. The path is planned together, according to personal and couple needs, keeping in mind your deep motivations, your learning rhythms and your time possibilities.



The path is aimed at all couples, of all sexual orientation, who want to create a more intimate relationship that goes to act on the deeper layers of the unconscious and on the soul, to integrate or deepen  together  the spiritual dimension.



The path is structured in five meetings, of at least a couple of hours each, which develop through tantra yoga exercises, breathing, meditation, energy channeling, meditative sensuality practices, body awareness, discovery of the five senses and five elements, transformation and expansion of energy in the body, sexual alchemy. The last meeting is dedicated to the Sacred Ritual of Touch , Tantric sensory experience or to the Tantric Yoni & Lingam Worship ritual. The following topics and related practices will be addressed:

  1. Tantric principles for a conscious sexuality

  2. Male and female genital systems: the Lingam and the Yoni

  3. Male and female orgasm: what it means to be multi-orgasmic

  4. The reflexology of the Lingam and Yoni

  5. The secrets of tantric alchemy to transmute sexual energy in couples

  6. Heterosexuality / homosexuality / bisexuality

  7. Sacred and Conscious Sexuality: Transforming Sex into Love

  8. Ritual of Shiva and Shakti: making love with all chakras

  9. The Maithuna

  10. Sacred Ritual of Touch (Tantric massage for couples) and / or Lingam & Yoni Worship (worship of Lingam and Yoni) to enhance Shiva's energy  and Shakti.


It is possible to book a preliminary consultation to better understand the most suitable path for each couple.

For this please contact us and describe your needs. Times, meetings and the program are customizable and everything will be organized in accordance with your times.

It is strongly recommended, although not essential, to first attend the path for men only and the path for women only . There is a discount for couples attending all three  routes.

For detailed information on the biography of Ananta and Shalini  click here .



Palermo center



If you are really interested and ready to discover the energy of Tantra, you can send an email to

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