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“The common aim of all Indian doctrines is the liberation of man from suffering: the proposed remedies differ.

Yoga aims at the arrest of mental fluctuations, the quiescence of all modes and functions of the mind. It is necessary to empty the mind and to succeed it must follow a progressive path that includes learning positions (asanas) suitable for meditation, since a wrong position cannot keep the mind calm; such positions must be accompanied by muscular contractions (bandha), by psychophysical processes or gestures (mudra) and by purifications (kriya), breath control (pranayama). "


The practice of yoga and meditation are useful and important tools to cope with the discomfort generated by the upheaval of our lives in the last few weeks. They can allow us to respond to the fluctuations of life so that we are not shaken by them. It is necessary to look at anxiety and fear for what they are, defense mechanisms, instinctive reactions in the face of a threat, real or presumed. Fear breeds disconnection and separation. The more we learn to distinguish the real problem from the emotional aspect with which we react to it, the easier it will be to understand how to behave. Let's start with the body. It is important to reconnect with the body and its wisdom, at the natural time of things, with the energy of the heart chakra. It is an excellent opportunity to cultivate care, integrity, unity, the rediscovery of what is truly important, to be present and to keep hearts open.

"Love has a wide breath, in a metaphorical as well as in a real sense. An open heart chakra manifests itself exactly with a feeling of opening in the chest, a free flow of breath that crosses the chest with its rhythmic movement and affects in the other chakras, both high and low ... in addition to making the mind more balanced and focused, it brings us back to our central chakra, giving us incredible inner stability. Connecting our changing thoughts, feelings and sensations to the continuity of the breath is perhaps the high road to nurture and open the energy of the heart. This will lead us to an understanding of things that does not come from the intellect, but from intuition. "


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