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"Initiators are needed, as in the ancient tribes, who accompany their brothers, side by side, to return to their Masculine Essence. Their parents were rarely able to initiate them, the last initiators were, perhaps, the great-grandparents."




An internship created for men who want to rediscover their own divine and "lunar" essence, regain the sacred pride of Lover and Father, prepare for the encounter with the Radiant and "solar" Woman, learn to live as "dancing Shivas on earth ".  

Shiva and Shakti, the eternal couple, are the heart of Tantra and represent the union of divine love. The male energy figure is mainly focused in Shiva.

You will find and rediscover your body and your essence through exercises and pranayama of Tantra Yoga, you will purify your body through the ancient tantric practice of Nyasa, you will meditate with the sacred sounds of tantric mantras, you will learn Tantric and Taoist techniques for the transmutation of sexual energy, you will learn to worship Shiva and be worshiped as Shiva (which means worshiping the Lingam, the sacred male organ), you will discover the rituals of loving yourself by entering the eternal divine dance of Shiva / Shakti.

The purpose of Tantra is to open the doors of the heart, to obtain this it is necessary to be open to acceptance and the absence of judgment towards oneself and others. The internship is experiential and provides the willingness to work on oneself.


“The Lunar Man is the present, sensitive man who offers nobility, protection, supply and strength for the creation of all life. He explores his Soul, and is able to cleanse his energy of the programs that alienate him. "



Sri Ananta Deva

manager of the Devi Tantra Yoga® Palermo School.

For detailed info on his biography click here .


Saturday 28 April 2018 from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Sunday 29 April 2018 from 11:00 to 18:00 (with lunch break)



Mount Sinai - Valchiusella (Turin)



send the participation form  to


Registration deadline: March 31, 2018


for more info on the place of the internship contact the contact person in Turin:

Tilù Raimondo

cell. (+39) 347 122 1610


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