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Tantra is a set of practices, rituals, magical and mystical operations that allows one to overcome the veil of sensitive appearances and to reach liberating enlightenment, leading the individual back to his absolute source.

Since the transmutation and sublimation of energies in the human being represent two fundamental principles in tantric practice, and since sexual energy has a colossal power, the sexual union between two beings who love each other - achieved through consecration, transfiguration and continence - becomes essential to achieve important spiritual goals. The sexual union is obviously not reduced to the physical meeting of two lovers, but consists in a real mystical union, a sacred fusion between two beings who transfigure themselves and the other in a sublime way; both, in fact, perceive themselves as two divinities and become gateways to reach the absolute through ecstatic experiences of infinite bliss.

Through tantric love a continuous reunion takes place between the two absolute, eternal principles: the Masculine and the Feminine, represented by the divinities of Shiva and Shakti, become One and merge in mystical ecstasy.

As the alchemist transmutes the metal into gold, therefore he does not change one element into another but brings it back to its original primitive matter, so the tantrika transmutes and sublimates his sexual energy into higher forms of energy. Through this process the physical, erotic energies are transformed into spiritual energies.  In tantra, therefore, a kind of alchemy takes place which leads to an inner transformation through the ritual sexual union.

The alchemical process that occurs within those who carry out tantric practices is not limited to the physical sphere, but involves the whole being. The tantric sexual union is above all a spiritual, mystical, transcendental union, precisely because it is the meeting of two bodies, two minds, two souls, two energies that mingle with each other and merge until they reach the supreme androgynous stage.

When man and woman meet in the tantric amorous fusion, they become Shiva and Shakti and join in a deep orgasm, they are lost and only the cosmic energy vibrates. In this encounter, which is transformed into a sublime prayer, individuality disappears and the cosmic entity manifests itself; there are no longer two individuals, two limited human beings, but two divine beings who, immersed in total and enveloping love, in mutual adoration, open themselves to the mystery of eternity and reach the highest peaks of spiritual realization.

Tantra is therefore an excellent art through which sexuality becomes a sacred act of mutual adoration of the two lovers and allows one to realize the Divine within oneself, thus reaching the Supreme Absolute. And this is the greatest alchemy, which only sacred Love produces, since only Love is capable of operating unimaginable transformations, only Love allows you to transcend the earthly dimension and reach that of the Spirit, only Love transforms mysteriously two mortal beings in two Gods.

The path, structured in five meetings of three hours each, is aimed at lovers who intend to integrate or deepen the spiritual dimension together . For this purpose, you will learn some tantric techniques to enter your body, open your heart and recognize the divine within you and in the other: tantra yoga exercises, breathing, visualization, tantric meditation with mantras, meditative sensitization, body awareness. through the exploration of the five senses and the five elements, transformation and expansion of energy in the body. The techniques taught are simple and effective, they can be practiced by anyone and become part of everyday life, without sacrifices or inconveniences of any kind.

No participant will be forced to do anything against their will and everyone's times will be respected. We will work in a "protected", friendly, discreet and serious environment, where everyone can get involved without hesitation.



Sunday 16th October 2016

Sunday  November 13, 2016

Sunday  4 December 2016

Sunday  January 15, 2017

Sunday  February 12, 2017


from 17:00 to 20:00


send the participation form  by 10 October 2016 a


for more info write an email or call 331.1110793





NB - Since in Tantra one works with the energy of the group, the program could undergo modifications

1st meeting - October 16, 2016: The "Temple of the Divine" body

"Without a harmonious physical body full of vitality there is no supreme bliss" (Hevajra Tantra).

Tantrism, contrary to Indian asceticism, re-evaluates the body as "Temple of the Divine", amplifies its latent possibilities and its senses, as a necessary condition for obtaining liberation. The physical body has a fundamental role from the tantric point of view: asceticism and metaphysical contemplation no longer guarantee the abolition of suffering and illusion, therefore modern man will have to begin to rise from matter itself, without ever departing from his vital source, the sexual creative energy that he will have to know deeply.

This meeting will be dedicated to the (re) discovery of one's energy through awareness exercises of the five senses, asana and pranayama of Tantra-Yoga, meditative dances, meditations on the chakras.

2nd meeting -  November 13, 2016: The sacred love rituals of Shiva and Shakti

"When in such an embrace your senses are shaken like leaves, enter this shaking" (Shiva)

In Tantra the loving union is transformed into a wonderful sacred ritual that transfigures the two lovers into divinity. You will experience the meditative sensuality of tantra and the most ancient tantric rituals to access the intelligence of your body, recover an authentic contact with yourself and with your partner, reconnect with the universe that surrounds us.

3rd meeting - 4 December 2016: The sacred touch of Tantra

One of the first steps of Tantric contemplative sensuality is the discovery of the human body through the "touch". Discovering the inner beauty of a person through simple contact, without expecting anything but letting the experience take its natural course, can be a unique experience. You will learn a touch of quality that will lead you into the depth of the soul and allow you to experience the intimacy and freedom of body, mind and spirit in a dimension of sacredness and meditation.

Touch is not a sexual practice; it is connected to sexuality as it works with the powerful creative energy (kundalini), which is based in the sacrum and in general in the pelvis. The purpose is the expansion of consciousness and the deepening of awareness: by directing the power of the lower energy centers (chakras) towards the heart, the energy and sexual charge are transmuted into an intimate and ample love, bringing a feeling of well-being. , openness, marked sensitivity and inner awakening. On a spiritual level, one is given the opportunity for a deep and total union with one's body, with others and with the universe - all manifestations of the Divine. The relationship between the one who gives the touch and the one who receives it passes through physical contact, but it also occurs on the energetic level in a very intense way. The two people are in their own feeling and share it, in a common journey, connecting through breath and energy, and thus living an experience of profound communication, empathy and communion, in an intimate, subtle and new way each time.

4th meeting - January 15, 2017: Sacred male and female sexuality

In Tantra the sexual energy is discovered, transmuted and sublimated to allow the individual to reach elevated states of consciousness up to perfect communion with the Universal Consciousness. It is the union of the two aspects Shiva and Shakti, male and female, which leads to creation, to all manifestation.

To enter the sacredness of sex it is necessary, first of all, to be willing to open up totally, at all levels, without inhibitions and without fear of having to defend oneself with the closure of the heart. The second step is to recognize the divine in the other person and to be able to make love with his or her enlightened and awakened aspect.

During this meeting you will be able to learn techniques for the transformation of pleasure during love and rediscover your personal and couple sexuality. The Shivas and the Shakti will first work separately, to then meet and share the techniques learned.

5th meeting -  February 12, 2017: Lingam and Yoni worship

"Ignoring the sacred character of the phallus is dangerous while worshiping it leads to pleasure (bhukti) and liberation (mukti)" - Lingopâsana Rahasya

"Meditate absorbed in the yoni cakra with the yoni on the tongue, the yoni in the mind, the yoni in the ears, the yoni in the eyes" - Yoni Tantra

Rituals of purification, energization and worship of the Lingam, the male sexual organ symbol of the Consciousness of Shiva, and of the Yoni, the female sexual organ symbol of the dynamic and creative energy of Shakti.

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