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route for women only conceived and conducted by

Maya Swati Devi


To truly understand Tantric philosophy and apply it adequately, it is necessary to know that at the basis of this ancient science there are Love and the sense of the Sacredness of Life. Everything starts from Love, in the broadest sense of the term, in all its forms and expressions. In tantra the Woman is considered sacred and as such worshiped: she is the expression of the divine on Earth. Knowing some specific secrets of one's nature makes every woman irresistibly attractive: beyond her physical aspect she will emanate joy, vitality and sensuality.

The formidable power of the initiating woman is enormous. The mastery in the amatory arts handed down from the East has always been the heritage of women and handed down through the centuries.

Knowing and appreciating these innate qualities of the woman, the great sages of the millenary tantric tradition have admired and adored her as SHAKTI - female power - as an "initiator", the one who shows the way to enlightenment. This enigmatic power is the direct expression of feminine intuition and is called "the energy of wisdom".

Shakti is a Sanskrit term which means "active creative energy of femininity; feminine creative force; power of creation; universal feminine principle"; a Shakti is she who possesses and perfectly manifests all feminine qualities and virtues, Shakti is the highest and most complete feminine ideal, she is the Woman par excellence, she is the one who knows perfectly "the art of being a woman". Shakti is the counterpart of Shiva, the universal male principle. Shiva and Shakti create a perfect, complementary and inseparable unity. 

Each woman, thanks to her exceptional gifts, can spontaneously realize sexual continence during the love act, simply by following instinct and, by taking an active role, she can give her beloved a great power, subtle and spiritual, allowing the couple to reach sublime states of ecstasy and union with the divine.

The conscious woman loves her own vital body, full in its harmonious forms that manifest sensuality and vitality, she learns to admire other women, which she perceives as allies in the realization of universal love; recognizes in other women the support and complicity to bring the whole society back into contact with the immutable values of love, the strength of nature, spirituality. The woman who knows how to recognize her own nature is free from personal pride and lives love in every action and in every thought, reaching the full manifestation of her self. Knowledge of the true feminine nature and self-confidence are the essential conditions for realizing full awareness in every woman.

This path will allow each woman to develop the qualities of the divine feminine, becoming aware of her own femininity, manifesting all those aspects that make a woman a divine expression capable of transforming, with her creative energy, everything that comes into contact with it. .

You will learn the art of being a woman through the exploration of sensuality, grace, elegance and the artistic expression of dance.

Every woman should grant herself the opportunity to learn about techniques and ways to awaken all the potentialities that characterize her and that can allow her to become a real dynamic force in action, in all areas of her life.




The purpose of this path is to give each woman a set of practices, techniques and rituals that derive from the ancient Shaktas tantric tradition, to become fully aware of her own femininity, making it emerge and manifesting all those aspects that make a woman an expression. "Divine", capable of transforming in a beneficial way, with its creative energy, everything that comes into contact with it.

The work environment is friendly, discreet and serious. Men are not allowed.

In the context of the meetings it is essential to have an attitude of deep friendship and support towards each woman, in this way each one will be able to spontaneously assimilate the qualities of all those present in the group.

No nudity or particular disinhibition is required because we are limited to the practice of the exercises without any erotic intent. No participant will be forced to do anything against their will and the times of each will be respected.






opening hours: from 10.30 to 13.30

(please arrive 15/20 minutes early to prepare your space and change).





The actual location of the lessons will be communicated once registration has been completed.




To book internships send an email to

A 50% deposit must be sent to confirm the booking.



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