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conducted by Monica Pinto



Designed by Monica Pinto ,  Tantric chant  it is a personal experiential method of well-being and self-perception that uses the power of sung sound, starting from a tantric approach.
In this seminar, through the discovery and release of their own personal "vocal sound", each participant
  will be able to  enter  deep contact with your body,  with one's intimacy, with the sensory universe and one's sexual energy, facilitating the manifestation of oneself and the expression of one's true essence.
The voice, emitted or heard,
  which penetrates the body, which “sets it in song”, which makes it vibrate by putting it in resonance, becomes a powerful instrument of connection, expansion and harmonization of the various body levels, in a virtuous process of union with the whole.
From the abyss of the self, from which one's own sound arises, the voice nourished by the breath reaches the universe filled with its own feeling, in a continuous fluctuation between inside and outside, between taking and giving, in perpetual communication between the inner world and the world external and in a constant flow of
  ascending energy that expands us to the sky and descending energy that roots us to the earth.

Intent of the seminar
There is a close and immediate correlation between vocal expression and a person's physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic level. The experiential seminar  Tantric Chant acts on each of these aspects.
The body is the place for vocal experimentation and the voice in turn becomes an instrument of exploration and bodily perception.
  Tantric chant makes the voice a means that allows the body to be fully perceived and rooted and to let its energies flow freely, especially the archaic energy of sexuality.
Likewise, in a body with which one is in deep contact, one can have an unexpected and entrancing vocal experience.
Furthermore, the vocal act allows you to contact your own divine being.
  That deep and infinite  inner space that opens up within us when we are connected and centered e  which is our sacred place,  And  a sounding board for the  our voice which itself becomes a divine expression.
Finally, feeling oneself flowing, in a liberated voice and in a body that is finally perceived, inevitably puts one in contact with one's own emotional universe, offering a series of points of observation and self-knowledge.


It is not needed  be a singer to live this experience.
Anyone can fully enjoy their singing, anyone can experience the sonorous embrace that is produced in expressing their voice.
Resonance on the emotional aspect

Express ourselves  through ours  true voice, often makes us feel exposed and vulnerable, hence the need to mask it and use it in a way that doesn't really belong to us. However, just the way we mask it, it highlights  the traces of our insecurities and our relationship and communication difficulties.
Working on our vocality and being in a conscious listening allows us to access our inner universe, in which those difficulties and insecurities are sedimented. Feeling yourself flowing, physically and energetically in a finally freed voice, puts us in a state of well-being and peace with ourselves and puts us more in touch with our intimacy. The real pleasure we get in the vibrating of our own and that of others' voices makes us more open to understanding and overcoming all the fears, anxieties, discomforts and anxieties that so painfully condition the relationship with ourselves and with the world.

The method
Tantric chant  proposes a series of exercises and / or techniques that are performed individually, in pairs or in groups.
The work is articulated through a path along the central energy system (the seven main Chakras) which, starting from the lower Chakras, runs through the current of ascending energy (liberating current) and then falls back through the descending one (manifesting current).
During the seminar, the building of the relationship with one's own liberated voice takes place gradually, first passing through breathing and listening.

Areas covered

  • Deep and shared breathing

  • Conscious listening

  • Physical, emotional and energetic perception

  • The fundamental sound, the divine voice

  • Free the voice, free the body

  • The sensory universe

  • The sounds of the central energy system (the seven chakras)

  • Sounds of healing

  • Sung self-healing

  • Sung and guided meditations

Who is the seminar for?
the seminar addresses  both to voice professionals (singers, actors, teachers, etc.), to deepen or reconstruct  the relationship with their own voice, both to those who do not feel at ease in the relationship with themselves, with their body, with the surrounding world or who feel they are unable to express themselves with confidence and security.


April 18-19, 2020



Saturday 18 April from 11.00 to 18.00 with lunch break

Sunday 19 April from 10.00 to 13.00



Palermo Center

The actual seat will be communicated upon registration

For information write an email to

Registration deadline  on 31  March.

Discount for those who book by March 15th!

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